Wear It: Maxi Dresses

To perfect the art of the maxi dress is to perfect the surprise attack: right when they think you’re going to show up in a bodycon–BAM. To the floor. Your dress and their jaws. Welcome to life as a style ninja.

The best thing about maxi dresses is that they make getting dressed as easy as it gets. No closet drama; just throw it on and hit the road. The other best thing? We have every kind of maxi dress you could want–maxis with slits, ruffles, lace, cutouts, sheer maxis, maxis that low-key make you feel like Robin Wright from The Princess Bride.

You’re a black belt in lookin’ like a babe, but here are some words of wisdom for taking on maxi dresses: since it’s a solo act, make sure your shoes and jacket don’t overpower the look. Maxis should always be the center of attention, just like you.

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