Weekend Outfits

The weekend called— she wants her girl back. Whether you decide spend your favorite days of the week taking it easy with a major pamper sesh, long brunches, and sunrise yoga, or you’d much rather glitter up, dust off those heels, and not hit the hay ‘til Sunday morning; we’ve put everything you might ever want/need for your weekend outfits, all in one place (yep, see below). We’re talkin’ cool, casual wears from head to toe, and not-so-casual wears too— because hey, if there’s one thing we dig, it’s options. Think easy, versatile dresses, entry-making shoes, and accessories to compliment. The embarrassing stories for your work buds on Monday, not included.

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    Black Pearl Embellished Fringed Jacket
    $416.00 $166.40 Sale