Jeans and a Nice Top

Full wardrobe but literally nothing to wear? We feel your pain. Sometimes only a cute ass pair of jeans and a knock-out top will do. Enter our hella rad collection of jeans and a nice top combos. A fail-safe outfit formula for those casual day drinks, boozy brunches, or the plans you totally forgot about – hey, it happens. Think slinky sleeveless styles and deep plunging necklines to carry you through from day to night. Hittin’ up your favourite dive bar? Rock a mesh long sleeve top with 90’s inspired wide leg jeans and chunky platform boots. Or for those last minute dance floor plans, bust a move in a killer corset top, straight leg jeans and oversized hoops. Kickass alternatives for those inevitable ‘we’re just going with jeans’ kinda days.

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    Mid blue Plus Size Ripped Skinny Jeans
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    Washed black Petite Distressed Wide Leg Jeans
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